Engage Customers Creatively With Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a modern marketing tool that operates on the Internet, while using classic advertising formats. The basis of a good viral campaign is to get the attention of customers so that they start spreading the campaign and information about it among themselves.

For the first time, Douglas Rushkoff wrote about Internet viral marketing in his book Media Virus (1994). The term “viral marketing” was first used by Harvard professor Jeffrey F. Rayport in December 1996 in an article for Fast Company: “The virus of marketing.”

The Spread Of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing along with the emergence of social networks began to gain strength. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it is spread by the users themselves. As a result, the costs of spreading this form of advertising are really low. The basic goal of viral marketing is to generate interest and awareness of a brand or product.

Viral marketing inherently includes:

  • creative idea
  • unprecedented processing
  • interesting output

In order for viral marketing to be successful, it is necessary to put a strong dose of creativity into the campaign. It must induce in the recipient the need to recommend the “advertisement” to his friends. If you succeed, you win. It sounds simple, but the result is never clear. You never know what you can expect from the recipients, such as an income campaign and how they will behave.

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