A Prototype Of The Optimus Robot Has Just Been Presented By Tesla


Tesla unveiled a first model of its humanoid robot during its annual AI Day 2022 event. Coming on stage while walking, it produced a few movements to show off some of its abilities. According to the CEO of the Texan giant, this android can eventually be used to perform various tasks.

Tesla held its annual AI Day conference on October 1. Appointment during which the car manufacturer reveals its latest inventions and unveils all of its projects for the future.

During this event, the boss of the company, Elon Musk, and his collaborators disclosed the novelties related to Full Self-Driving. They also laid out the new features brought to the Autopilot. However, what most caught the public’s attention was Bumble C. A draft of the android Optimus, whose graphic representations were exhibited during the previous edition of Tesla AI Day. The CEO of the firm also exhibited it on stage to present the progress made since 2021.

The Android Should Be Commercialized On A Large Scale

Elon Musk has clearly displayed his enthusiasm for this bipedal robot. He said Optimus materializes the biggest product development Tesla is making in 2022 . The billionaire announces that this humanoid will have the potential to become:

More important than vehicle activity over time.

Last January, he was already making the same speech to the group’s investors. In the future, the evolution of the robotics division of the multinational could therefore benefit an IT consultant . Both promote the creation of jobs related to IT.

Elon Musk also believes that the company will be able to ensure a massive deployment of the android. This is thanks to its know-how in terms of large-scale production. However, the statements of this leader should be taken with caution. He has already announced many projects in the past that ultimately ended in failure.

Other companies, such as Boston Dynamics, indeed create much more sophisticated bipedal robots than Tesla. This Waltham-based manufacturer is best known for its humanoid called Atlas. Like its other competitors, however, it emphasizes that it still needs a lot of time before reaching its goal. Moreover, these companies do not boast of being close to replacing humans in their work.

The Robot Has Vast Abilities

Eventually, Optimus will indeed be able to pick up things of different sizes and shapes from the ground. He will also be able to keep small objects in his hands. Tesla plans to sell it for less than $20,000 . Its CEO also says that the humanoid will be useful both in the firm’s factories and in private homes. He can indeed perform various household tasks such as cooking, gardening, etc.

For its premiere, in the absence of mechanical support, the prototype of this robot carried out for a short time:

  • A few dance steps;
  • A wave of the hand;
  • A walk.

Bumble C is equipped with LTE and Wi-Fi connections. It has a 2.3 kWh battery. According to a Tesla employee, this amount of energy is ideal for a full day of work .

Another model displaying a version extremely similar to that of the final Optimus was also unveiled during AI Day. His body was fully assembled, but he was not yet able to function. The android has, despite this state, made a hand gesture to reveal how much its joints can move. An essential function in the performance of its tasks when it is put into service.

Videos were also shown throughout the exhibition to showcase other humanoid abilities. Among them is the ability to lift heavy objects.

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