Flexible Project Management With “Trello”


Project management software is not that complicated. Although they are used by large companies to coordinate complex projects, the “Trello” software also enriches smaller organizations and innovative start-ups. They have adopted the handy project management tool to increase their productivity and streamline teamwork. Because “Trello”, which even big fish like Google and Unicef ​​use, is designed for companies of all sizes and types.

Over 25 million users now manage their projects with the smart tool. Instead of lengthy to-do lists that the whole team has to coordinate, visualize and work through, tasks and deadlines are reliably and clearly defined, assigned and tracked with the help of “Trello”.

Maintain An Overview – Conveniently And Intuitively

Because Trello is intuitive and easy to use, it can be used not only at work, but also for smaller projects at home that also require good coordination and collaboration.

The many possible uses include the organization of wedding or birthday celebrations, but also the planning of extensive vacation trips. These can be individually implemented in several sub-steps and with the help of virtual post-its. “Trello” impresses with its playful, simple look. Similar to pin boards or whiteboards, you can create boards that initially represent your own project. You can then attach any number of lists, post-its or task cards to these boards. You can do the latter with To Do , Doing and Donemark accordingly.

The tasks, which can be subdivided into subtasks, can also be assigned to people who then work through them. Depending on the processing status, tasks can also be moved back and forth between lists and boards – and you’re guaranteed to keep an eye on them! This creates a coherent workflow with prioritized, flexible and interdisciplinary areas of responsibility that can be worked through step by step.

Trello On The Web

In its basic version, “Trello” is web-based. You operate it via a browser, save your data online and, if necessary, integrate links into other websites, apps or task cards. In this way, further information can be linked to various tasks or linked to one another. This function is intended to support the fulfillment of tasks.

Another advantage of the project management software is the comment function, which allows you to discuss and notify team members directly. Files, such as images, can also be attached to tasks in order to visualize information. Anything but complicated, right?

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