5 Advantages Of Teamwork


Teamwork improves the well-being of employees in many ways, and this ends up having a positive impact on the results of organizations . Being part of a team provides security to each member, since it gives them the opportunity to show their individual strengths and feel recognition from their peers.

Thus, being part of a work group increases the empowerment of employees and their sense of commitment to the company’s task. It favors understanding between workers and, therefore, personal relationships between them, which contributes to improving the work environment of the organization. Work productivity also increases, as new ideas emerge from collaborative brainstorming , and implementation of decisions is facilitated.

In summary, the most valued advantages of teamwork and group cohesion can be summarized in these five:

1- It favors motivation and contributes to improving the work environment, by inciting a sense of belonging to a group in which to find support and recognition for one’s own ideas, and which at the same time supposes a multiple source of external knowledge that satisfies our thirst for learning

2- It derives in better decisions and ideas , fruit of the contributions of each member of the team. The exchange of knowledge and opinions can enhance joint creativity, and this will be able to develop a better concept, which brings together all the strengths of each member of the group.

3- Increases productivity and efficiency, while the team commits the employees to pursue the same goal with specific goals and within a certain period, to properly organize the group’s tasks.

4- It improves communication , by fostering relationships between employees, a better understanding of other perspectives and points of view and by forcing them to present their ideas in front of their colleagues.

5- Reduces stress , since the distribution of tasks releases a certain workload and helps to delegate some responsibilities, dealing only with those entrusted.

We all know the advantages of working as a team . At Ecoembes we especially value the power of “ collaboration ” both in our daily activity with citizens, public administrations and companies, and within the organization. And it is that it is one of the fundamental principles of our culture and of that work environment called “ Ecoembes Spirit ”, which we like to describe as flexible, horizontal and close.

For this reason, we launch initiatives that promote team spirit . We believe that for there to be a good work environment, ties and bonds must be established between the employees and between them and the organization. The objective? Working at Ecoembes is an enriching experience both on a personal and professional level.

The Opinions Of Our Workers

Our organization is made up of people like Mar, committed to our corporate values. We form a responsible , involved and proactive team when it comes to doing our main activity to the best of our ability: caring for the environment through recycling. Our team is our main engine . And collaboration is also inside and outside the organization.

We are committed to caring for the environment and that also means ensuring the development of the people who work with us every day to carry out our projects. This commitment is based on promoting equality, facilitating work-life balance, attracting and retaining talent and investing in training, which allows us to achieve a favorable work environment through motivation and collaboration.

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