Why Do Businesses Need To Be Customer-Centric


Should you focus your business on your customers? Like, it’s necessary, and that’s how they teach. But what if we do without such an orientation?

How can this be seen from the perspective of customers and an organization providing goods and services to its customers? Let’s try to look from two sides at a rather quivering problem.

Here are a few options on different topics, but in general on the same topic, “customer orientation of the business”:

Firm “Our Plumber For Your Problems

If you need a plumber, please get in touch with us. Based on this application, you will be able to:

  • independently find a plumber by the phone number indicated by us,
  • independently find out the cost of his services,
  • agree with him on the date and time of the service,
  • buy spare parts on your own in the store that our plumber will indicate to you,
  • as well as independently make repairs under the supervision of our specialist.

Internet Provider “The Best Wi-Fi Internet In Terms Of Power

If you need the Internet, be sure to contact us. As a result of the appeal, your home router will flawlessly emit a Wi-Fi signal of confident power throughout the apartment.

We will connect this router to a thin white wire, which our specialist will carefully lead into your apartment.

The rest, in the sense of the speed of the Internet, the stability of the Internet, and so on, is how it will turn out. I don’t think you should blame me for this.

Your provider is “The best Wi-Fi Internet in terms of power.”

Logistician “Delivery To The Moon”

If you need home delivery of goods, be sure to place an order on our website. Be sure to include your details, delivery address and a convenient time for you.

Be sure to pay for the order and delivery using various convenient services: a bank card, a mobile application, and more. As a result, you will now be assigned a convenient time for us in the range of plus or minus 8 hours.

During the time indicated by us, you need to stay at home waiting for the courier. Where are you in a hurry? We have no time, we have a lot of orders, unfortunately.

Your logistician “Delivery even to the moon.”

Bank “All The Money In The World “

If you need to change your data in the bank-client system of our bank, for example, change your mobile phone number to communicate with the bank and its services, then you need to

  • call our hotline,
  • answer the questions of the voice menu,
  • wait for a free operator, and
  • please answer all of our questions in detail to identify you confidently.

We will then give you another phone number. By calling the given number, you can

  • answer the questions of the voice menu,
  • wait for a free operator,
  • then answer all the questions for a long time and in detail so that you can be confidently identified there again.

Next, you will be prompted to install the mobile application of our bank by downloading it from the online store. You will download and install it. Using the mobile application, you can now confidently change your data in the system by answering a series of questions in the application menu so that we can confidently identify you.

Customers with mobile phones of old designs (with buttons) are kindly asked not to disturb the bank employees by calling the hotline.

Sincerely, Your bank “All the money in the world.”

Haven’t you seen similar examples to the ones above? Not literally, of course, but in meaning. And sometimes such proposals are heard “between the lines” or upon the fact of the provision of the services offered.

The Problem Of Customer Orientation Through The Eyes Of The Management Of The Organization

Once, having met with a similar offer of services (listed above), I managed to get through to one of the leaders of such, so to speak, a client-oriented organization. We talked a little with him on the phone about the proposed “amenities” for customers.

The answer was not long in coming. The manager did not even take a break, try to figure Something out. He answered ingenuously: Are you going to teach me how to organize business processes in my company?

Maybe he’s right? In general, he is right in Something: who from the outside can teach him, so experienced and titled in organizing business processes convenient for his company? He can see better on the spot.

But from customers’ eyes, such a service looks a bit strange. So what is more important, business processes or customer focus? The theory says that business processes need to be customer-oriented. But that’s a theory. Customer orientation is far from comfortable for organizations. Sometimes, it is much easier to build business processes “for yourself.”

Well, customers are consumers, they are payers for goods and services, they are business income, they are the future of business – they will wait. Do you want to become our clients? Then pay us the money – this is the main thing! The rest won’t be easy. You will have to try very hard. How? Now we will explain it to you: first, call us, and then .

Why Business People Are In No Hurry To Organize Client-Oriented Services

In business, in its accounting department, when the client pays for goods and services, a “debit” will immediately appear – the so-called revenue, the client’s money. This is a big plus, and the organization’s balance sheet immediately improves. Financiers and owners of the organization can rejoice and prepare holes for orders and medals on the lapels of jackets and cardigans and wallets for dividends.

A credit must accompany any debt – the ancient Romans decided so! So, according to the “loan” (with an emphasis on the first syllable), the organization’s accounting department will have an account payable to the client. Money received, but goods not delivered, services not rendered. So let it happen. It’s a credit, not a debit.

The balance is average, debit and credit converge. What else do you need? Is there Something, the client needs? Yes, for God’s sake, let him wait and work for his good.

The main thing is that the organization, its owners and management are now black. And the client can suffer a little with “well-organized” business processes.

“How are you, to finish right away or to suffer?” – “It is better, of course, to suffer …”. Something like this, it seems, sounded like a dialogue in the White Sun of the Desert. Somewhere around, everything looks the same with business processes that are not customer-oriented.

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