Bad Postures At Work . Simple Remedies

Bad Postures At Work

Today, and thanks to new technologies, we have changed the way we work. We have gone from a way of working in which our body was the main tool to being immobilized in a chair. That is, work only with our mind.

As a result of this change in the way of working, various problems have been appearing that affect our physical health . In large part it is due to the long working hours in which achieving a correct posture at all times is seen as a practically impossible task.

For this reason, it is usually recommended to maintain a life that includes physical activity, so that our body does not rust, in addition to a correct diet. There are many companies that today have begun to assess and implement improvements in both aspects. However, this does not mean that we are free from risk. Muscle injuries or problems of any kind that come from a bad posture in the workplace are the order of the day.

Simple Habits To Avoid Bad Postures At Work

Although it may not seem like it at first, it is important to take short breaks to break with the posture of the chair. Short trips to the bathroom or to do any activity for 5 minutes that take us out of our chair can be good excuses. It is also a good opportunity to hydrate.

Another of the fundamental activities for the prevention of muscular risks at work is to properly stretch the muscles that are normally inactive when we are sitting. It is important to correct body posture. For example, the cervical, dorsal and lumbar area, which is also recommended to exercise with physical activity, such as swimming, in order to strengthen it and give us fewer problems. We will reduce the so frequent back pain .

Just as important as having our body active and exercised is having an adequate order of the elements that we use throughout our day. By this we mean proper placement of both the phone and the screen, keyboard, and mouse . In addition, we must correctly adjust the height of the screen with the height of our chair, as well as the backrests for our arms. This helps minimize repetitive motion soreness.

Another of the key issues is if you have felt physical discomfort, however minimal they may seem, go immediately to a physiotherapist specialist . This can assess whether it really is a small annoyance or, on the contrary, we are developing some type of injury that could give us more serious problems in the future. This is a relevant step, since correct prevention and follow-up by a professional can save us from potentially irreversible problems.

In the same way, if we notice that the office furniture has defects , be it the chair or any other piece of furniture, we must notify the responsible person as soon as possible. This will be responsible for changing it as soon as possible and our muscular health is not affected, just as we will avoid an occupational risk.

Good Habits At Work To Prevent Occupational Risks

  • Stretch the body and avoid awkward postures
  • hydrate
  • Adjust the work materials to our body
  • Exercise
  • Report faulty furniture
  • Work relaxed, a good idea is to listen to music while working to help us concentrate and eliminate tension

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