Income Supplement: Renting Out Your House Or Apartment

Income Supplement

It is becoming more and more common to rent out your house or apartment when you are away, and this can constitute a significant additional income. However, rules govern this practice, and some advice is good to keep in mind. Find out how to rent your house or apartment with ease and security.

Who Can Rent Their Property?

The owners are free to rent their house or apartment for a short period. This is generally set at three months maximum. This is what we call a seasonal rental. This type of rental can be done freely. However, in some cities of more than 200,000 inhabitants, notably Paris and its region, owners may have to request a change of use from the town hall. If you are a tenant of the property you wish to rent, it is a sublet. In principle, this is prohibited unless you get written permission from your landlord.

How To Rent Your House Or Apartment?

To rent your house or apartment, it is advisable to enter into a contract or lease. It will supervise the rental and protect against particular concerns. It is also mandatory to provide certain information to tenants such as:

  • the nature of the accommodation
  • the number, type, and surface of parts
  • a detailed description of the equipment
  • the geographical location of the accommodation
  • any nuisance (railroad, motorway, etc.)
  • a technical diagnostic file (energy performance, state of natural and technological risks, etc.)

To find potential tenants, all you need to do is place an ad. Many rental sites between individuals now exist, and word of mouth can be effective and go through a specialized real estate agency.

What Are The Steps To Follow?

It is imperative to declare your furnished rental. The related income is taxable and must be reported on your income tax return. If you need advice on this process’s fiscal and financial part, do not hesitate to call on an lmnp (non-professional furnished rental) accountant. It is also best to notify your insurer of the new situation, and they can offer you an additional guarantee so that you can leave with peace of mind.

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