Security In The Cloud, How To Maintain It And Increase It?

Cloud security

Cloud security is a cybersecurity discipline dedicated to securing cloud computing systems. It includes keeping data private and secure across infrastructure, applications, and online platforms.

Because your business depends on customer trust, we use cloud security methods to keep customer data private and securely stored.

However, security in the cloud is also partly in the hands of the customer. Understanding both facets is critical to a healthy cloud security solution, so knowing and putting cloud security tips into practice is a must.

But First, What Are Cloud Services?

It is a service characterized by the fact that the information is not stored in a physical space within the computer, but rather is stored on the Internet through the security of the cloud.

Benefits Of Cloud Security

The benefits of cloud security for running business are obvious:

  • Allows you to host various storage devices
  • It is possible to share information between professionals.
  • Make remote work easy.

Discover the best security tips in the cloud and increase the protection of your data in a professional way.

Cloud Storage

It is important that you understand how cloud storage works, it is a resource that allows you to store content from a device to free up space on it.

In fact, that is the usual operation when content from the mobile is stored.

Another key point about cloud storage is that it allows you to access content from multiple devices in one place. Which is quite useful for professional or educational purposes.

How To Make Backup Copies In The Cloud?

The first thing you should know is that making a backup is not the same as hosting your data in the cloud.

Since a backup generates a backup of the information, which is possible thanks to the development of a series of computer methodologies. For example, thanks to the encryption process.

Backup Basics

  • Increase the security level of the stored data so that they take up less space.
  • Correct any type of inconvenience in a timely manner.

Currently there are specialized providers to generate backups in the cloud automatically. However, the process can also be carried out manually.

Update Passwords

One of the easiest cloud security tips is to put password updates into practice. The idea is to generate a strong password , made up of uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers.

The length of the password is another point of great importance, it should be long enough to make it much more secure.

Two-Step Authentication

Two-step authentication is a system that strengthens security in the cloud. Although it makes access to content a little less practical, it is one of the best security resources.

Two-step authentication not only requests the entry of the password , but also the entry of a code that will reach the mobile.

This is a second step that you can carry out without problems as the owner of the account, but it represents an obstacle for hackers.

Encrypt The Files

Our last recommendation is to use tools that allow you to encrypt files hosted in the cloud.

This will allow the content hosted to be protected through an encryption system that prevents against the threat of certain viruses and cyber attacks.

At Telecon we make sure to  protect all  of our client’s information so that at all times it can run for the least possible danger that is in our hands to control.

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