Internet Advertising And Its Main Tasks

Internet advertising

The primary purpose of Internet advertising is to attract additional visitors from search engines or other sites. Therefore, with proper use and advanced planning, Internet advertising can be a very effective tool for you to increase sales.

Despite many advantages, the use of Internet advertising often entails unforeseen expenses that are not paid off in the future. As a rule, this is because the advertiser did not consider the main tasks solved by Internet advertising and did not redefine these tasks for their business.

In general, advertising on the Internet can solve a range of different tasks. Below we list the most basic functions of Internet advertising.

Company Website Advertising

In this case, we are advertising an Internet resource owned by the company.

As a rule, the site is advertised to fix its name in the minds of potential customers to increase overall traffic and the number of regular visitors (customers) coming from browser bookmarks.


Here we are talking about some specific goods manufactured/sold by the company. Advertising of the site itself and the company fades into the background here.

As a rule, they advertise a product for sale, a product at a discount, a highly competitive product (a valuable product or a product with which the market is currently oversaturated), etc.


Some companies are not engaged in the sale of goods but in providing various kinds of services. Therefore, the main task of Internet advertising here will be the active imposition of these services on potential customers. The more customers you manage to attract, the more people will use the services offered in advertising.

Image Advertising

In this case, we are advertising a trademark, brand, trademark (under the auspices of which the company produces and sells goods). Most often, image advertising is used when necessary to form a particular buoyant and, most importantly, recognizable image of the company in the minds of potential customers.

Ideally, the company’s product should be strongly associated with its logo or name, and this is what they try to achieve through image advertising.

Advertising People (Company Employees)

In this case, we are talking about the PR of a particular person or group of people. Most often, they are PR directors or other key leaders.

For example, advertising focuses on the positive personal qualities of a person, talks about his achievements, successes in his personal life, etc. Then, as if by chance, it is said that he is the head of the advertised company. As a result, the firm gains more trust from potential customers.


As a rule, we are talking about some important events from a commercial point of view. You don’t have to look far for examples – a fair, a seminar, an exhibition, a sale, an action, etc.

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