The Management Of Human Resources In SMEs

Human Resources

Having a solid structure at all levels is the key to success in a company. A good human resources management strategy in SMEs is the differentiating element when it comes to achieving the objectives set.

The functions of the Human Resources departments in SMEs should not be limited to mere administrative tasks. In addition, it is essential to attend to issues related to talent management, worker training or communication of the company’s strategy and objectives.

Let’s see some procedures to improve profitability of Human Resources departments in SMEs. First of all, we will start with digital tools. Its implementation implies cost reduction and frees up the workload of the department staff.

Personnel Management Platforms

Having good software for personnel management is vital for a Human Resources department in SMEs. Tasks performed by these programs include:

  • Employee management : Registration, contracts, documents and payroll.
  • Talent management : Recruitment and retention, development and training of the employee.
  • Attendance control : Organization of schedules, absences and vacation management.
  • Organization : Configuration of the structure and planning of strategies.
  • Analytics : Data analysis, cost and productivity reports for decision making.

E-learning Platforms

Improving the skills and abilities of employees has a direct impact on performance and productivity. Therefore, the implementation of these training courses is fast and economical. The professionalization of employees improves the competitiveness of the company and increases the self-esteem of workers.

Communication Channels

The HR department in SMEs is in charge of establishing communication channels between the different sections of the company. Personnel management platforms include communication channels in two directions:

  • Employee surveys.
  • Communication to employees of the company’s objectives.

For this reason, this continuous communication allows us to optimize the work environment while focusing all those involved in the pursuit of common goals.

Schedule Control

Since 2019, the new Time Control Law has been in force , which requires companies to record the working hours of all their employees. As a consequence, to alleviate the workload of Human Resources departments in SMEs , personnel management platforms have been improved and include applications to record the hours of all their workers.

In addition to digital tools, there are other techniques that can be applied to improve HR management in SMEs . Let’s see what they consist of:

Techniques For Improving The Management Of Human Resources In SMEs

The budgets of small and medium-sized companies are often a headache for managers. An adequate management of human resources in SMEs solves many of these problems:

Staff Selection

Companies must avoid the excessively mechanical selection process. For this reason, it is key to look for the differentiating element of the candidates and make sure that their qualities are in line with the company’s objectives.

Internal Promotion

To retain talent, employees must know that their professionalism and performance will be rewarded. Therefore, to achieve this, it is important to establish a circular process through which new workers are trained to fill the positions that more veterans will leave.

Unify Experience And Youth

It is convenient to enable new talent to work hand in hand with more experienced employees. In addition, training them to perform their duties avoids having to look for new profiles outside the company.

Continuous Training

There are many ways to train workers internally, it must be clear what aspects need to be improved and accordingly decide which are the appropriate courses for each position.


The success of a company lies in the satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, for proper personnel management , the employee must be seen as a client. In addition, apply the necessary techniques to generate a pleasant work environment that motivates the employee to meet the objectives.

Search First Within The Company

All the digital and human solutions that we have mentioned provide valuable information. An adequate use of the data allows to optimize the management of Human Resources in SMEs to the maximum .

The interpretation of the data allows us to discover problems and make the right decisions to solve them. In addition, it reveals information about the performance and performance of employees .

In general, in the event that the company has a correct personnel management strategy, it will ensure that its staff is focused on the objectives, motivated and professionalized.

These characteristics make it possible to discover talent within the company’s own structure, without having to continuously search for profiles outside the company’s policies and strategies.

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