The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In The Digital Strategy Of Business

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that is revolutionizing the way in which companies interact with their customers in different fields. This complex and novel science helps us by analyzing large amounts of data in real time to identify patterns and trends, automate tasks, personalize the consumer experience and optimize and improve marketing strategies.

Social networks use artificial intelligence to analyse the activity and demographic information of their users, their comments and the topics that are on the rise. This allows them to know their behaviour and interests to show each one the content that will attract them the most.

Companies take advantage of this data when advertising and achieve a very precise segmentation of who they want to impact thanks to their advertising. How can artificial intelligence help us in our business?

Personalization Of The Customer Experience

The AI ​​analyses the data in order to identify patterns in purchasing behaviour as well as preferences, which allows us to provide personalized recommendations and relevant offers.

Customer Support

Chatbots can be used in e-commerce and websites to provide immediate answers to customer questions and guide them through the buying process. In this way, response times are reduced, thus increasing user satisfaction.

Process Automation

Within the automations there are several options with direct impact on social networks. In addition to chatbots, which answer frequently asked questions from our audience, we can also use tools to schedule posts, collect metrics, and create reports with content analysis.

Content Creation

Since the launch of ChatGPT there has been a lot of talk about the term Generative Artificial Intelligence. This is part of the category of automatic learning (machine learning). It is a type of AI that is responsible for creating new and original content with algorithms in the form of text, images, videos, music, etc.

GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) is a type of model that uses learning to produce text similar to what a human being can create.

Artificial Intelligence Tools To Create Content


It helps us to create content for the purpose of posting on social networks, attractive and relevant titles and subheadings for blog articles. You can also write emails (newsletters) or announcements. Mind you, it still requires the human being to ask the right questions and use the most important keywords.

Or, for example, to create the monthly publication calendar with two posts per week for a certain social network. You only have to indicate what your business is dedicated to or who your potential audience is and, in a matter of a few minutes, you have it.

It is an excellent support for reviewing texts, generating ideas or attractive titles, but the entire digital marketing strategy cannot be based on the creation of texts with ChatGPT. Many tools focused on this point for social networks are already adding AI to their platforms.


The famous design tool for “non-designers” has just added new AI features to its platform such as Canva Magic Write. Based on suggestions, it creates marketing ads or captions on social networks in seconds. Other options are the creation of images from texts, that is, you only have to describe a specific photo and the tool creates a unique one for you.


The Swiss Army Knife of Social Media has also incorporated AI into its platform. From its content planner, it allows us to choose the length and tone of the text. When you click on generate copy, it offers five different options so you can select the one that best suits what you need.

It helps get copy for blogs, digital ads, e-commerce, sales, social media, and web pages in 12 languages.

Write SEO copy for blogs, social media posts, websites, and emails in 26 languages ​​with the goal of getting ranked high on Google.


It allows you to create videos from documents or presentations. To give a realistic look, use virtual avatars that are digital twins of real actors, including the voice. You can choose an exclusive AI avatar for your brand or even create a custom one.

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