Artificial Intelligence – The New Great Ally Of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence

The Big Ones Are Already Betting On AI

We have been talking about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society and the business world for a long time. According to the report « Reality and perspectives of AI in Spain, 2018 », prepared by PwC in collaboration with Microsoft, 80% of managers affirm that artificial intelligence will become a competitive advantage and will lead to a profound transformation in their organizations.

Some big digital corporations like Apple, Google and Amazon are in a race to buy corporations developing this technology and dominate the sector. And it is that the importance of AI is being seen in the purchase movements (DeepMind, Turi, Perceptio, Swiftkey) of the large multinationals.

Additionally, the study shows that more than half of the leading companies in Spain have already deployed AI solutions. A fact that is not surprising considering that this technology will lead to a cycle of economic growth that could double the value of the current digital economy in 2025, as reflected in the Global Connectivity Index (GCI) carried out by Huawei.

Despite this, Artificial Intelligence is still considered by many people to be a futuristic technology that is years away from development for us to use it in our daily lives. But nothing is further from reality, we must understand artificial intelligence as a reality for our companies and for our departments.

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

AI has made a forceful appearance in the automation of tasks within the professional field. It facilitates and speeds up processes, and, above all, it provides observations and trends that would not otherwise be possible to extract, as it is capable of analyzing large data sets in a few seconds. However, there is still a long way to go, and a powerful evolution is going to take place in the coming years.

Along these lines, one of the areas in which AI is being exploited the most right now is marketing. The importance of Artificial Intelligence was already made clear in the 2017 study “ State of Marketing ”. According to the Salesforce report, 50% of marketers surveyed use this technology and 30% want to use it in the future.

Why? The key is that it allows us to delve even deeper into a new Adaptive Marketing, through the correct mix of process automation, analysis and design of user behavior, comparing them with data models and algorithms.

A good application example is chatbots . A trend that shows us that the automation of processes thanks to the help of robots is a facilitator of “marketing” processes that can even improve it. In this way, the combination of AI and marketing is summed up in agility, speed and programmed response. Or what is the same, efficiency , which means that the user himself will be the most benefited, obtaining a more efficient and accurate response than the one that the human himself can offer.

We CMOs must see artificial intelligence as a great ally to be able to evolve our marketing strategies towards higher levels of efficiency, the personalization of our campaigns and communications and finally to be able to have greater control and knowledge of the customer journey of our customers. customers.

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