How To Send A One-Time Photo Via WhatsApp


The new feature is available for both iOS and Android and web and desktop interfaces. WhatsApp has made a new feature available – you can now send photos in a special mode that allows the recipient to view them only once. You can use the novelty on all platforms where WhatsApp is available, so in the mobile application for iOS and Android and through the service’s web and desktop interface. The condition is that you are using the latest version of the application.

Sending a one-time photo works almost identically to sending traditional images. You select the photo you want to ship via the chat interface, but tap the new “1” icon before sending it. This is located next to the submit button.

If the “1” icon has a blank background and part of the round line is dotted, the photo will be sent traditionally. If the “1” icon has a filled experience ( bright blue for the iOS version ), sending a one-time photo is enabled. WhatsApp notifies you of a new feature before sending a former photo for the first time. It will also inform the recipient when it first receives a one-time shot.

You can only view a one-time photo once, and it is not previewed in the chat. You have already considered the former image can be easily checked by the sender and recipient of the photo directly in the platoon history.

However, be aware that the recipient of a one-time photo can immortalize the image by creating a screenshot while it is open.

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