Instagram Trends 2023

Instagram Trends

1. Reels, Stories Of 60 Seconds, In General, Emphasis On The Video Format.

Does it not work? It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. In 2022, the head of Instagram announced TikTok and YouTube as the main competitors and said that “We are no longer a social network for sharing square pictures.”

What to shoot? Life hacks, expert opinion, tutorials, product reviews, cuts of beautiful shots, humor.

2. Authenticity In The Feed

The slick, super cute and frame visuals are a thing of the past. Find your format and follow it – juicy shades, conceptual and contrasting forms – test and apply. For inspiration, you can follow global brands and, for example, the Telegram channel @oneday_insta, where you can find interesting examples.

3. Content In Which The Audience Recognizes Itself.

The more people you have something to share with, the better. Icons cut off from real life are still there, in the past. This is clearly seen already in the example of TikTok – most often the content that can be called in one word – “Zhiza” gets into the TOP.

4. Joint Posts.

You no longer need to repost and compose eyeliners – when creating a post, add a tag and select the “Add collaborator” option. So the post will appear in two accounts at once. You can also edit it together.

5. Decorated Stories.

If everyone in the feed is gradually moving towards naturalness and natural design (filters, by the way, are also left in 2022), then stories have received a new round of development, and one of the most popular topics for learning at the moment is creating creative stories.

Like specialists in scripts, editing and processing stories grow, and brands and bloggers set the fashion for certain chips.

Study storytelling, look for the design option that is closest to you and remember that you are not just publishing a piece of content, there is a specific goal behind it – interaction, reach, lead, sale.

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