Social Networks And Their Role In Networking


From a networking point of view, social networks seem to be tailor-made.

We refer to large platforms where millions of people are present, part of them active daily.
Content is shared, and discussions are held.

From all these interactions that occur almost naturally, new relationships are born that can be well used.

With the advent of social media over the past decade, the initial focus was more social and casual than professional.

Now, the proliferation of platforms like LinkedIn makes the goal even clearer for professionals who want to use technology for their benefit.

We also believe that this role will become more relevant as time goes by and our society becomes even more involved with digital media.

Be Present

With social networks, it has become very easy to be present.

We can be present in an indirect way for those who do not seek us and accessible to those with whom we want to connect.

The modern social network gives us a space where we can consolidate our profile with the personal and professional details that we are willing to make public.

Once we are present, we exist in a digital ecosystem that is becoming increasingly relevant on a social level.

To get the results we want from our networking efforts, we need to be more accessible. That others in our industry cannot easily reach us when they want hinders the very nature of networking.

Being present enables this accessibility that we require when we want to expand our networks of contacts.

Participate In Social Media Discussions

We can consider that the discussion is a previous but vital stage for networking, where we interact with other individuals on a particular topic.

Participating in a discussion or issuing our opinion allows us to present our points of view and possibly position ourselves as experts or specialists in our sectors.

The greater our participation in social media discussions, the more relevant we become.

Today sales are directly linked to social networks and business networks such as meetings.

But it is important to qualify the meaning of “discussion,” referring to the healthy activity where we exchange ideas and respectfully argue our points of view, not falling into aggressive dilemmas where we attack others who do not think like us.

The discussion is intellectual action, and this also occurs on social networks, despite what detractors may think.

Spaces such as LinkedIn Groups are ideal for discussing specific topics, bringing together various professionals who want to talk with like-minded people.

Investing In Our Relationships

Successful networking, whether digital or in real life, requires dedication to cultivating good relationships with our contacts.

It is about exchanging ideas, about having honest and positive gestures with others.

In the terrestrial world, we cannot be permanently connected with all the people we want or 

need to know based on our company objectives.

It is often difficult for us to spend time with our family and friends, let alone hundreds or 

thousands of contacts that we have on our social networks.

For this reason, one way to keep ourselves present is by telling them things that may interest them, providing them with value in different professional fields, and bringing them information that can help them grow personally or professionally.

This attitude keeps you present in each of the contacts in your network.

The clear role of social networks, in this sense, is to be able to feed the relationships we have with others in a distant and remote way.

Sharing the content of interest and sending a friendly message from time to time require a minimum investment of time and predispose us to the fact that, at a certain moment, we need or are needed…

They know we are here, and we can help them.

For example:

  • Create a website
  • A reform or painting
  • Legal and tax advice
  • Medical consultation
  • the mechanical problem of our car
  • financial consulting
  • community management
  • Business consulting.

It is clear then that being present on social networks helps us to achieve the best results in networking.

We are in an era where we have less and less time, so we must learn to create healthy and efficient relationships. Social networks are not a substitute for networking but one more tool that plays the role of efficiency.

“Social networks are part of our lives; make them a tool to reach more people who can provide you with the value you need.”

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