WhatsApp Business, The Low Cost Alternative For Your Ecommerce

WhatsApp Business

Do you have an online business idea but you don’t have much budget or tools to carry it out? Keep reading that this interests you! WhatsApp Business is a completely free app belonging to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, Meta , which, since 2018, has been helping small and medium-sized businesses sell their products online. Today it has already helped more than 175 million businesses in the world to manage their orders in an agile and simple way. 

WhatsApp Marketing is the strategy behind this platform, optimizing the sales of products or services through one of the most popular conversation channels in the world and which has a high conversion rate in marketing terms. The idea is simple, it is about personalizing the message that each user receives to offer them a personalized shopping experience . 

But How To Start Using WhatsApp Business?

Very easy. We will simply have to download the app, verify our number, create a profile and upload our catalog:

To create the profile we will need an image of our company, write the name of the business and specify its category.

Then, we can add details such as the location, in the case of having a physical store, the opening days of the week and the opening hours for the public. In addition, we will be able to add all the contact details that we want, from our phone, social networks or web in the case of having. 

Also, in these previous settings , you will be able to configure automatic messages, customize quick responses and customize labels to catalog each of your clients. As well as access statistics, send messages in 92 languages, spread your campaigns through mailing lists or create a personalized chatbot to automate interactions.

Create Your Catalog

From this step comes the true creation of ecommerce , uploading your catalog: 

Get your mobile camera ready, you’re going to need it! Simply take photos of all the products you want to put up for sale and go to WhatsApp Business. Go to “Settings”, “Business settings” and select “Catalog” and let the magic begin!

From now on, you will only have to upload your products one by one .

To do this, you will only have to add several photos of it, the title of the product, the price, add a brief description and the link to the website and the product code if you have it.

This code will help you control the products in your catalog, so we recommend adding it. In addition, you can group your products by categories to make navigation easier for the user when entering your WhatsApp Business store, as well as configure in each product if you have stock or not, to deactivate that product from the catalog in case of lack of stock of the same.  

And Now That We Have Our Store Set Up, How Do We Get Sales?

We will need a marketing strategy that suits our business, that is, a structured plan to achieve our goals with the business on WhatsApp Business. With this, optimal performance of the results is guaranteed, as well as the attention of your audience throughout the conversion funnel , which will increase conversion rates. 

For A Greater Success Of Your Sales, Here Are The Following Tips:

  • Communicate on social networks: Create several posts where you tell your audience that they will now have another means to buy your products or services and explain their advantages. Offering a discount at the beginning to gain followers can be a good technique.
  • Write a newsletter: With it you can announce the new sales channel to your customers, suppliers and distributors. As in the previous step, always attract more if you offer a welcome discount.
  • Spread your campaigns: WhatsApp for businesses will allow you to spread surveys about products or satisfaction, raffles and contests or discount codes among your social audience. In each dissemination campaign , you must take into account the different types of publication that you can make and to whom each of them is directed. Schedule them and distribute them in a way that is natural and not spammy for your users. Thanks to the organization, you can send messages on special days or on their birthdays and offer some kind of discount. If you have customer lists, this will be even easier for you, so we recommend creating it from the beginning.
  • Campaigns on Facebook Ads: Since WhatsApp belongs to the same company as Facebook and Instagram , you can launch paid campaigns on both social networks through Facebook Ads . To do this, you must have a page of your business on Facebook. Depending on your goals, you can create one type of campaign or another and adjust the budget based on what you want to achieve.

Advantages Of WhatsApp Business

In case we have not yet convinced you of this service, here are a series of advantages :

  • You will have access to a very wide audience.
  • You will optimize customer service.
  • You will improve your brand image.
  • Platform with a high conversion rate.
  • You will get more visibility than in any other channel.
  • There is little competition in the market.

Of course, the integration of this platform with others in your digital marketing plan for your business will always be a complement and not a disadvantage. The use of networks, web, or other campaigns on other platforms will increase and complement the optimal performance of the results and will scale your business.

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