The Importance Of Social Listening

Social Listening

The competition between brands to achieve prominence in social networks is getting more challenging, trying to be noticed within the comprehensive and copious information menu of young and older users. Taking into account the use that society makes of networks, together with social listening work, is essential so that the Communication and Content departments, as well as publishers, can identify best practices and detect new trends in their sector and outside of it, to help them extract ideas for their content pool and develop successful actions.

Tips To Generate Relevant Content

We tell you about some success stories that we have identified through different studies carried out by Rebold in the last two years:

Even if your brand is “severe,” you should not fear social networks. It is enough to adapt your tone and messages to each platform and each target. Several great North American newspapers have achieved this, generating content through innovative formats, such as The Economist, The New Yorker, The Telegraph, and The New York Times.

Without losing rigor, they publish image carousels on Instagram to generate impact and, in addition, take advantage of the functioning of the algorithm to achieve greater diffusion. They also use Instagram Stories to tell stories and create entertaining content, like polls or quizzes. Publishers have learned that image value is essential on all social networks, including Twitter, to attract attention. If it is of good quality, it will generate engagement on its own.

Loyalty Through Networks

Brands also take advantage of their social profiles to spread content that helps them retain their customers, attract other audiences and promote the growth of their communities. Carrefour had a significant impact with action when it reached eight million members of its customer club. Firstly, the company launched two simultaneous actions: firstly, it created a transversal sweepstake on Twitter and Facebook for all its followers.

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