The Mobile Phone, Your Gateway To Mastering The Internet

Mobile Phone

The mobile phone, today, is an essential part of our daily life. Virtually everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, uses it to store personal information, carry out administrative procedures or as a means of entertainment, among many other uses.

Thanks to this democratization of mobile devices, many people with a lower level of digital skills have seen this as an opportunity to lay a technological foundation that allows them to continue growing and gaining skills on other devices such as tablets or computers.

Therefore, mobile phones act as a gateway to other types of digital technologies that allow the same functions to be carried out but in an easier and more comfortable way. In this article we will see some of them.

Switch From Mobile To Tablet

Those people who have never used a tablet may think that its operation is more complex than that of a mobile phone. Nothing is further from reality. We give you some recommendations so that you can start using a tablet and enjoy its benefits:

  • Internet access. The Internet connection on a tablet works in the same way as on a mobile, that is, you can connect through a WiFi network. To configure it, just access the tablet settings and look for the “Wireless connection” option. Once there, several available networks will appear, you must select the one you want to connect to and enter the password.

Another, faster way to access the Wi-Fi connection is from the notification bar which, as on mobile phones, is located at the top of the tablet’s main screen.

In these devices it is also possible to connect to the Internet through a 3G or 4G connection, but to do so, you must have a SIM card like the one found in mobile phones.

Once the tablet is connected to the Internet, you can surf the net by accessing the browser you have installed (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), just as you do with your mobile.

  • Use of applications. Surely on your smartphone you have downloaded different applications for games, social networks, online banking, etc… Those same apps are available for the tablet, and they are accessed in the same way. Find the app store on your device, and in the search engine, enter the name of the app you want to download. Once done, it will save to your device, just like it does on mobile.
  • email. If you have an email account with Google or any other email platform, the way to access it on the tablet is very simple. Open the icon of the mail tool that you use (which you probably have downloaded as the default application in it), enter your email address and your password and you will have access to your mail.
    If you do not see the application, you can go to the application library (in Google it is Play Store ) and download it as we have seen in the previous point.

So, What Advantages Does The Tablet Offer Over The Mobile?

  • Screen size. It is much more comfortable to consume multimedia content thanks to its larger screen.
  • Autonomy. The tablet battery lasts longer than the mobile.
  • Write and read texts. The size of the screen helps to do it more comfortably, without having to strain your eyes or having to constantly move the document to see it full screen.
  • Entertainment. Video games, for example, can be played much better with the tablet than with the mobile.
  • Possibility of attaching a keyboard. If it is more comfortable for you to type on a computer keyboard than directly on the screen, as is the case on your mobile phone, with this option you will be able to enjoy the best of both devices.

Switch From Mobile To Computer

Although the mobile and the tablet work practically in the same way, the computer has a series of somewhat different peculiarities, above all, because the interface and the way in which programs and the Internet are accessed is different.

With the computer you can access, in the same way that we have seen previously, the Internet to surf the net, check email and download programs. But, in this case, everything is done from the Internet. That is, to check the mail you must open the browser, access the page of your mail platform and there log in with your username and password. Programs can also be downloaded from the Internet by accessing the product’s website and starting the download from there. For greater security, remember to download your programs and applications only from official websites.

So, what advantages does the computer offer compared to the mobile?

  • Greater functionalities. In general, computers offer much broader possibilities than mobile phones and tablets: they have more memory, greater storage capacity, better performance, etc.
  • Comfort and ergonomics. The large size of the screen, as well as the use of a mouse and keyboard make it much more comfortable to work with a computer than with other types of devices.
  • Create and edit documents . It can also be done with other devices, but not as comfortably and operationally as with a computer.
  • Design programs. Video editing or graphic design programs require a lot of power and storage space to work properly. This can only be provided by a computer with the appropriate technical characteristics.

As we have seen, both the use of the tablet and the computer are not so different from that of a mobile phone. In addition, its size and functionality allow you to work in a much more comfortable and operational way. We encourage you to try these new devices!

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