Month: January 2023

digital event

3 Success Factors Of Digital Events

One thing in advance: far more than 3 success factors are necessary for a digital event to be successful. As a small foretaste of my presentation, however, I would like to highlight three points that are particularly important to me, which in my experience are inextricably linked to the successful implementation of an online event: […]

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Complex Systems

Managing Complexity, Leading In Complex Systems

Why Our Previous Form Of Making Decisions No Longer Works The Consequences Of Complexity We have been hearing for many years that the complexity of the world is constantly increasing. But, are we even aware of what that means. Do you also experience that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right decisions? Do […]

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Why Education Is Now More Important Than Ever

Simplicity And Populism Do Not Fit Into A Complex World If we look around the media, the simplifiers seem to be booming. They are valued by some because they create anti-establishment sentiment with simple slogans, reviled by others because they are exposed as populists and demagogues. Both bring them the attention they desire. Simple Explanations […]

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Own Brand

Own Brand vs. Manufacturer Brand: What Do Customers Want?

The Private Label As A Discounter Solution – How It All Began! Private labels are now an important retail tool for achieving several goals – including: More independence opportunity for differentiation Rapid response to customer needs Higher margins And much more Own brands have emerged from the interplay of various reasons: Traditionally, discounters have not […]

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Fire TV Stick

All About Fire TV Stick: What It Is, What It Is For And How To Configure It

There are different types of devices capable of turning your television into a Smart TV, connecting it to the internet and expanding its reproduction and entertainment possibilities. The Fire TV Stick is one of these devices, very useful for watching all kinds of streaming content, with some very interesting features and functions, some of them […]

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Metaverse – An Environmental Nightmare?

The Metaverse forms the next evolutionary stage of digitization and will probably generate billions in sales in the foreseeable future. The step into the persistent digital world initially seems anything but sustainable. Thanks to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), the digital world is merging with more and more elements of […]

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The Commercialization Of Communication

When the internet became a mass medium in the 1990s, the mantra was “information wants to be free”: everyone should have free access to all information. That was the driving force for the spread of the WWW and at the same time a mortgage. Since then nobody wants to pay money for anything on the […]

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This Is What Makes Influencers So Successful With Young People

Why do young people follow influencers? And what role do they play in the consumption of information and in the process of forming opinions? A study investigated these questions. Adolescents and young adults in particular use social networks to find out about socially and politically relevant topics. Content creators and influencers play a major role […]

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Privacy Issues With iCloud For Windows

Users of Apple’s iCloud for Windows report serious data protection problems. Due to an error, some could see images that belong in other media libraries. What Is iCloud? The iCloud is Apple’s virtual storage space for data of all kinds. Saving in the iCloud ensures that content can be synchronized on multiple devices. To do […]

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