Succeed In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you want to improve your online visibility and implement an effective marketing strategy? To optimize your actions, it is better to be clear about certain basic prerequisites. Here are 3.

Define My Level Of Knowledge And Expertise

When we talk about digital marketing strategy, several areas of expertise can be called upon:

the content strategy, where you will use videos, articles, photos around your brand to improve your visibility. This requires knowledge of web writing, the tools available to enrich your articles and the different formats, media and techniques to intelligently deploy your content.

SEO optimization (for Search Engine Optimization) which consists in improving the referencing of your site on search engines. This requires real technical skill but also inventiveness in terms of content management.

social media management (also called SMO), namely improving its presence on social media to gain visibility. Beyond the codes specific to writing on social networks, ask yourself if you know enough about the ecosystem of the different platforms to use those that are best suited to the objectives you are pursuing.

To carry out your strategy as well as possible, it is therefore preferable to have a specialist or service provider specialized in each discipline or at least to follow training in one or other of these fields of expertise.

Identify My Resources

The second element to take into account is the resources available.

With a limited budget and a limited number of resources, it is almost impossible to achieve viable results in SEO. On the other hand, we can start by creating a Facebook page and feed it regularly.

Doing a competitive market watch on your sector (which can be done on a Twitter account or via platforms like Pinterest or is also within everyone’s reach, including very small structures.

With additional human and budgetary resources, it will be possible to put in place a more elaborate strategy, which will depend in part on the skills and expertise available.

Define My Online Visibility Objective

Last thing to keep in mind: the desired result. Is your goal to drive as much traffic to your site as possible? To increase the visibility of your brand? To attract attention around a product, a campaign? The strategy to be deployed will be different in one case or the other. 

In order to create maximum traffic, it will be necessary to rely on all acquisition channels (direct traffic, natural referencing, social networks, backlinks campaigns) and put in place a sustainable strategy. This also requires monitoring its results and learning all the lessons using traffic analysis tools, starting with Google Analytics. 

In search of shorter-term visibility, we can consider:

  • an Adwords campaign,
  • media buying on Facebook or Twitter
  • or even a cross-functional, playful and creative operation capable of attracting attention.

Finally, when the objective is to improve its brand image, it is all of these different operations that must be carried out jointly.

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