Month: March 2023

Cloud SME

Cloud SME: Why And How?

The IT and communication infrastructure is essential for the proper functioning of SMEs on a daily basis. Cloud computing can help businesses streamline processes, reduce IT expenses, and maintain business continuity, even with remote working. As the SMB cloud is adopted by more than 85% of small and medium enterprises to store data, cloud computing […]

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Transfer iTunes To New PC

Anyone who buys a new PC or laptop often faces the problem that the music from iTunes should also be available on the new device. Apple gives the user a few possible solutions for this. Techfacts will show you which of these are suitable for you. The first and easiest way to make your iTunes […]

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Poking On Facebook

What Is Poking On Facebook?

In Facebook there is the well-known option “nudge”. Although many users have seen you before, they do not know what it is and how the action is carried out. Tech facts shows you where to find the feature and what to use it for. Facebook knows many ways of making contact. Posts on pinboards, short […]

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3 Reasons Why It Is Worth Starting Your Own Blog

It is no longer possible to see blogs as just an online place where you just write whatever comes to your mind. It is a great tool to improve awareness of your person, your brand, support your business or reach like-minded people. Blogs are used as a way of presentation by politicians, businessmen, authors of […]

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These Are 3 Sure Signs That You Need An E-Commerce Audit

Launching an e-shop or other professionally tuned website can be a matter of a few days. However, its gradual tuning is already a long way off and at the same time includes a number of different processes. In this case, it is not unusual to neglect and overlook something. An e-commerce audit is a useful […]

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B2B Companies

B2B Companies In 2023: Why Do Without Social Media?

Not all companies believe in the need for social media in their marketing. This realization also affects many in the B2B sector. However, doing without social media carries risks for entrepreneurs. Because social media is not a fad and the absence of social channels represents a general loss of meaning and negative branding losses for […]

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Web Design

Business Checklist: What Makes Good Web Design?

Your website deserves the highest success. In order to achieve this, however, it takes more than perfect offers from a perfect company. Web success is based on user acceptance and interaction. Therefore, consider the 3 pillars to meet expectations for your web visitors and 7 tips on how to ensure the best experience. Good web […]

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Tips To Keep Your Android Running

Installing And Removing Applications Before installing any application, make sure that the application is compatible with your mobile phone, otherwise your phone may freeze, turn off, and other errors. With each installed application, you take up not only space on your memory card or phone memory, but also space on the operating memory. With each […]

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What Parameters To Consider When Choosing A Tablet?

Do you want to get a device that is small, light and works better than a mobile phone? In that case, you are definitely looking for a tablet. However, it is not entirely easy to find your way around the wide range of different types with different functions. We will help you in this and […]

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Screen Lock On Android

How To Cancel Screen Lock On Android?

Protect the contents of your mobile phone from thieves. The first line of security is the screen lock, which is more and more difficult to break if set correctly. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting your password and not getting in – you can eventually change it online. A great servant, but a […]

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